LUX - Lighting Fixture Design Conference

20-21 June 2018 | Cavendish Conference Centre | London

How to thrive in a disrupted market

Reading the signposts correctly has never been more crucial than in today’s lighting market.

The LED revolution has happened – but the downside is prices are falling fast and it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate product.

Lux can help. We’ve curated a timely two-day conference to help you map out your strategy for the digital lighting world. We’ll look at all the critical issues with expert speakers so you gain the insights to move forward with confidence.

Flight to quality

How to differentiate with the latest optics
How to design to get great TM30 metrics
Nailing glare and visual comfort
Addressing flicker

Emerging markets

How to identify profitable niches
How to create products for human-centric lighting
How to crack the booming horticulture market
Why UV lighting is the Next Big Thing

Disrupted design

How to deal with disruption – the lessons from history
How to design new form factors
How to create luminaires with unbreakable specs
Why bespoke fixtures are making a comeback
How to protect yourself in the patent landscape

Internet of Things

Understanding the key future tech: Thread, BLE, Lora, Li-fi
Making it happen with indoor positioning in retail
Visible light communications – the opportunities
How to crack the data dilemma
What your lights would tell you if you’d listen

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