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Lighting Design Software Courses 

Dialux Lighting Software
  11 June 2015The LIA, Telford
Relux Lighting Software
          3 June  2015London
  9 July  2015The LIA, Telford
  9 September 2015London 
  7 October 2015, The LIA, Telford









These are two separate one day courses for both Dialux and Relux which will take the user through all the necessary steps to produce a report for printing. The course also includes for the design of Emergency lighting.

Course timetable
Typically 9:30 - 16.30h with breaks (CPD Hours)

Course Style
Content is presented in segments with practical tasks for delegates to do. One-to-one tutoring during the tasks to improve understanding as needed Time is given to explore the software.

​If you require more information please contact 
Tel: 01952 290905

Relux Courses over the coming months

Delegates qualify for 5 hours of CPD (Continual Professional Development) and in association with 42 Partners Ltd

Dialux Course 11 June 2015

Delegates qualify for 6 hours of CPD (Continual Professional Development)

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