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Your Handy Guide to all things Technical

Here you can download a number of Technical Statements that can help assist you with some of your technical enquires. 

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August 2013

LIA TS01 - LED/OLED Standards & Guidance

LED/OLED Standards & Guidance Issue 6 -August 2015

LIA TS02- The Handling and Disposal of Lamp Products

LIA TS03 - UV Radiation and Health

LIA TS04 - Precaustions againt Ultra Violet Radiation from Tungsten Halogen Lamps

LIA TS05 - Precautions against Ultra Violet Radiaition from HID Lamps

LIA TS06 - Precautions against Infra Red Radiation from Halogen Heat Lamps

LIA TS07 - Interference between Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Infra Red Control Systems

LIA TS09 - Mains Voltage Dichroic and Aluminaised Lamps fitted with GZ10 or GU10 caps

LIA TS10 - Energy Limiters and Tubular Florescent Lamps