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Who Are the LIA?
A Shared Vision

Overview to the LIA

LIA Laboratories

The Lighting Industry Association Laboratories are a trading division within The LIA

Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting is a trading division within the LIA

LIA Lighting Advice
How to Select your Energy Saving Bulb

Find your new energy saving bulb with similar LUMENS (=LIGHT) as your old bulb

Lighting Controls Mini Guide

The LIA Lighting Electronics Controls Application Committee (LECAC) are developing a range of tools to promote the use of lighting controls more widely, whether it is lighting controls applied to individual luminaries, specific areas of a building or to building wide systems.





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LEDs and Managing Expectations

LEDs are the future of Lighting

Consumer Guide to LED Lighting

Many predict that LEDs will be the dominant technology lighting our homes within a few years.

Cost Cutting Why I've seen the Light

LED Article from Family Finance June 2011, The Guardian

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EST guide to energy saving lighting in the home

Energy saving lightbulbs throughout the home could save around £590 over the lifetime of the bulbs.. Find out More

Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring and technology field trials. Assessing how technologies perform in people's homes.

CELMA ELC Guide on the Importance of Lighting_June 2011

June 2011 The importance of lighting. The quality of light. Enhancing life.