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Principles of Code of Practice

LIA Recognition requires participants to implement and maintain the following basic requirements, as fully detailed in the Code of Practice (CoP)

  1. Develop and maintain a Documented Quality Manual and Operating Procedures.
  2. Agree to an announced or under certain circumstances unannounced annual Audit of the Quality Control System, including practical demonstration of essential QC processes and inspection of associated Technical File documentation.
  3. To supply luminaires that comply with the requirements of CoP, based upon the requirements of BS EN 60598.
  4. To purchase electrical components and fully assembled luminaires in accordance with CoP requirements.
  5. To undertake Goods Inwards Inspection in accordance with CoP requirements.
  6. To maintain documented assembly and inspection procedures, made available to relevant personnel and to maintain technical files on product construction.
  7. In-house production: Perform 100% electrical test and inspection.
  8. Imported luminaires: Perform any or all Options, as considered necessary:
    Option 1 = UK 100% electrical test and inspection. (Section 7 of the CoP)
    Option 2 = UK batch test plus submit supplier audits annually.
    Option 3 = Submit annual supplier audits, plus PDI audit review at supplier’s premises.
  9. To maintain annual calibration of test/inspection equipment.
  10. To mark/label each luminaire manufactured such that traceability to test records is ensured.
  11. To carry out and record audit tests in accordance with CoP requirements.