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Looking East

The Code of Practice (CoP) has been developed by The Lighting Industry Association to cover the essential safety requirements for luminaires and associated components for the home or similar commercial use.

Our Technical personnel visit numerous supplier factories per year within China, on behalf of LIA Members providing a variety of services:

Code of Practice Recognised Auditor (to Section 7 CoP) Option 2 CoP
This specially designed and constantly updated training seminar addresses topics relating to the performance of the CoP Section 7 Supplier Factory Audits, as performed for a nominated LIA Member company by authorised or employed personnel. A certificate is issued to each person who attains a pass at the final examination which runs for 2 years. An up-date Seminar is then required to be attended to maintain Recognition.

Code of Practice Option 3, Pre-Delivery Inspection Review.
This review process enables members to have their Far East embedded personnel or appointed inspection agents to be assessed under Option 3 of Section 7 CoP. The annual review allows reduced or Zero UK batch inspection which enables members to supply direct delivery to customers. Appointed Inspectors receive a Certificate which is annually reviewed and issued.

Section 7 CoP) LIA Performed Factory Audits (Option 2)
Audits performed by LIA Technical Manager supported by local China based associate. LIA Factory Accreditation Certificate would be issued to the member company which specifies the factory acceptance under Option 2 CoP. Performed for members who may not have the time or technical understanding of CoP to gain Recognised Auditor status.

Pre Supply Factory Audit
Audits performed by LIA Technical Manager or local China based associate. Enables members to consider a supplier and their ability to meet CoP Section 7. Advised to perform prior to placement of initial orders.

China Manufacturers Training Seminar
The Lighting Industry Association launched a new Training Seminar in China for members to provide vital information for their Chinese suppliers. The object of the seminar is to give a clear understanding of the relevant EU requirements (legislation and standards) to enable suppliers to provide acceptable products.

The LIA has run seminars in China since 2004 and is experienced in providing a professional and valuable support service to LIA members and their suppliers.

Content will include the following PowerPoint presentation for:

  • Basic EU Legislation
  • BSEN60598 requirements with reference samples and extensive photographic record.
  • How to comply with a Factory Audit to LIA CoP etc.
  • How to improve production and testing techniques.
  • Use of operation of test equipment.
  • Examples of good and bad practice during Audit.
  • English/Chinese documents will be provided and there will be translation during the seminar.

Safety and Quality Control
The Lighting Industry Association Technical personnel and Associates currently visit numerous supplier factories per year, on behalf of LIA members. This exposure enables an unrivaled opportunity to consider both good and bad practices. Our aim is to improve working practices, safety and Quality Control standards through demonstration and training.

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