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Code of Practice Recognition
(CoP) (Safety of Luminaires Scheme)

The Lighting Industry Association operates a comprehensive Quality Control Recognition Programme exclusively for members, known as ‘The Code of Practice (CoP) for the Safety of Luminaires Scheme’.

This Scheme is intended to substantiate a member’s claim of conformity with the European CE Marking Directive/Low Voltage Directive, implemented in the UK by the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994. Participation in this Scheme is a prerequisite of membership unless ISO Accreditation is currently held.

LIA Recognition has been specifically developed for the UK lighting industry to cover the essential safety requirements for luminaires under BS EN 60598. An annual visit is performed which enables members to be assisted in the development and maintenance of Quality Control manual and operating procedures, including advice on the latest EU legislation relevant to product ranges. Where necessary, training and free (or substantially discounted) test equipment calibration is provided.

We recognises that the lighting industry has evolved over the years from a UK/European manufacturing base to one that has seen a year-on-year increase in overseas sourced production, primarily from the Far East. This region has grown significantly important to many members and therefore; we have responded to this need and developed a range of Far East Member Support Services, including: Factory Audits performed by our Technical Manager and locally based Associate support personnel, Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) training for members own staff or their appointed inspection agencies. A number of one and two day Training Seminars for Factory QC/QA, members Auditors and Inspectors have been developed and are arranged throughout the year. Seminars are highly recommended and provide a wealth of information, presented with full translation and documentation. Discounted volume PDI programmes can also be arranged with leading provider STR.

Similarly a range of Seminars are available in the UK and in addition, a Manufacturers Training Course (over 10 months) provides extensive information essential for greater understanding of luminaire design and good manufacture, including clause by clause review of BS EN 60598.

As the leading European Lighting Trade Association our focus is on providing all the necessary technical advice and support services to membership.

For more information on how we can assist progression of CoP Recognition or if you require any further information regarding any test equipment.

Contact: Barbara Wynne
Telephone: 01952 290905

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