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The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA) is positioned at the heart of the UK Lighting Industry, bringing together employers, related organisations and key stakeholders.

Working on behalf of the Lighting Industry, the LIA has an instrumental role in maintaining and raising standards in lighting both in terms of performance and safety.

Collaboration at this time of exciting and dramatic change in technology is successfully raising the profile of the industry and attracting the right talent to maximise the benefits for UK businesses. The LIA is working to keep pace with the industry and has strategic involvement in shaping UK Government and European lighting policy.

As well as delivering the resources to support the UK lighting industry, the LIA is at the forefront of the drive for a low-carbon and resource efficient economy.

The LIA technical team are fully conversant with policy and legislation and the LIA Laboratories will see major investment in a new ’state of the Art’ lighting laboratory in Telford. The new facility will become a certifying body (ISO/IEC 17065:2012) and hold ENEC (European Electrical Norms Certification), the highest safety & certification for electrical products being paced on the European market.

The LIA works closely with the Retail sector and offers Associate Retail Membership for the benefit of the Industry’s Retailers. Membership is available to all independent retailers who source their product from within the EU.

Associate Retail Members will have the opportunity to be included in the LIA’s collation of industry statistics that strengthen influence in Europe and with UK Government.










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The Lighting Industry Association strives to review and develop their membership offers to meet the changing needs of the industry. 

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